A traffic model tailored
to each city and municipality

Traffic Scout is an intelligent, affordable and approachable traffic model
that any mobility expert can work with.


Insights into local mobility

Traffic Scout provides insights into traffic volumes at a local level in a simple, user-friendly way.
A diversion, a reversal of driving direction, a new parking regime: the traffic model can show the impact before and after the intervention.

Intelligent & high-quality

The technology is built upon Telraam data, census data, traffic indicators, geodata and OpenStreetMap, among others. A reliable set of source data is carefully monitored and periodically updated to match the required applications. Multiple iterations ensure a qualitative approach.

Easy to use

Traffic Scout has been designed specifically for the local mobility officer with the aim of providing a simple, user-friendly application that supports the implementation of local mobility policy in a qualitative manner. Thanks to training and tools, the application can be deployed quickly.


1. Collect data

A traffic model requires high quality and reliable data. We use our own sources but also aggregate specific local information.

2. Feedback

Any necessary rounds of calibration are carried out within a clearly defined timeframe with minimal effort for the client.

3. Create scenario

After refining the input, a reference scenario, which serves as a basis for comparisons can be created.

4. Analysis

In this final step, the model is ready for use and the impact of traffic interventions can easily be tested.

How does it work?

User-friendly interface

Traffic Scout can be deployed quickly and easily and offers a user-friendly application, thanks to an interface suitable for any mobility official, consultant or traffic expert.

The secure web application is also regularly upgraded with new and improved application options.

Quick calculations

Applications that run traffic models require a great deal of computing power and are therefore slow and not user-friendly.

Traffic Scout is the very first high-quality traffic engineering tool that allows a calculation of traffic measures to be made in a time frame of under 5 minutes.

We have carried out a traffic model with Traffic scout for the city of Leuven and its sub-municipalities.


  • Only your favorite (modern) browser. Traffic Scout is an online platform that does not require any additional software. All functionalities are available through an intuitive interface.

  • That depends on the size of your city or municipality and the local road network. For an area of 30,000 inhabitants, we expect that 20 Telram devices will suffice. The number of devices required also varies depending on how many of our own high-quality traffic counts are available on the road network. Please contact sales@traffic-scout.net for further information.

  • In scenarios it is possible to close or reopen streets in one or more directions. This is possible for both slow road users and motorized traffic. In addition, it is possible to adjust speed limits. We also foresee the possibility of adding connections and new developments with their corresponding traffic demand. After a scenario has been modified, the new and original traffic flows can be compared with each other. For more information, please contact info@traffic-scout.net.

  • Traffic Scout prices depend on the size of your city or town. This way we keep Traffic Scout affordable for everyone. The price further varies depending on the desired modules and options. Please contact sales@traffic-scout.net for further information.